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Plans & Prices

To appear on Google and other search engines, it's essential to generate relevant content!

Not just generating content, but creating content that will engage your target audience. Content that will not only grab their attention but also educate and inform them, turning them into better consumers.


Content Generation

We produce articles that we will place in the drafts of your blog, for you to read, edit, and approve whenever you want.


Authority Building​

After publishing, we will build authority for your article on the internet.


Monitoring and Review​

We will keep track of your rankings to know if you are appearing ahead of your competitors.


Content Creation​

Creation of 4 articles per month, optimized for the keywords relevant to your business.

Authority Building​

Generating high-quality backlinks for your content, with a minimum of 4 backlinks for each published article and 1 for the Homepage.

Content + Authority

Combining the two previous packages, instead of paying USD 400 per month, you will pay only USD 300 per month for this package. This is the package we recommend for the best return on your investment.

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